How Mattresses Went Online and How To Profit From Them

The idea of selling mattresses online has remained largely ignored for decades, which is not really surprising. If you think about it, shipping these bulky and huge beddings seem like a ridiculous idea with how unwieldy they are. It’s not like you can just squish them into a box, ship them off and be done with it. Traditionally, to get mattresses delivered, you’ll need to have burly guys carry these ridiculously huge beddings up to your bedroom and get them positioned to your bed.


But recently, with the innovative genius of some internet-based startup companies, the idea of stuffing mattresses into a box is not so ridiculous anymore. With the help of a compressor machine, king-sized mattresses can be condensed and flattened like a pancake, rolled, and stuffed into a box no bigger than a three-drawer file cabinet. When consumers open the box, air starts seeping into the mattress and starts inflating it. This innovative breakthrough has catapulted the online mattress industry to the spotlight and has allowed numerous online companies to spring up.


Nowadays, the idea of trying mattresses first and checking their rigidity and durability is not as important as it did before. Surely, years ago no one would even consider buying something that costs around $1000 if they haven’t even tried it. But with the advent of online reviews and social media, consumers are more than content on reading numerous reviews, (i.e. review of Intellibeds) and product specs online and trusting them.  Reading articles regarding the best Tempurpedic mattress and the like works just as well.


This revolution provides humongous opportunities not only to traditional companies involved in the mattress industry but also to compressor machine manufacturers and investors. Over a year ago, Target, a multi-million corporation involved in the operation of several merchandise stores invested $75 million in the bedding startup, Casper. Because of the significant increase Target earned in their digital sales, many investors are spurred to do the same.


The bedding industry is undoubtedly more lucrative than it was years prior, however, before you start investing in a bedding startup, you need to consider several things first in order to get as much revenue as you can out of the deal. First off, you should consider the brand visibility of the startup you’re planning on investing in. Casper is an extremely popular brand with a wide following among millennials. With Caspers wide fan base, Target can use these numbers to augment their product offerings and attract more people to their own platform and ramp up their sales.


Another thing that you should consider is the company’s quality of service, product, and what they can bring to the market to make them stand out among competitors. Though the online mattress industry is booming right now, that’s not to say it’ll remain like that forever, that’s why it’s highly important to know if the company you’re investing in has a means of standing out among the crowd to continue gaining immense popularity among customers. Lastly, before investing you ought to consider what you want to get out of the investment as well as your long-term plans. For other investments, visit

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