Investing nowadays has become associated with starting your healthy lifestyle: it always starts tomorrow. Until you realize you’ve exhausted all “I’ll start tomorrow” expressions in the year and find yourself sitting on the couch, still overweight while eating Doritos with no penny left apart from a couple of coins in your pocket.

Starting is always the hardest. Simply because the beginning sets the tone. Once you’ve started, you’ll get to the flow, and everything else follows. Like a melody in music, a rhythmic dance, a disciplined diet plan, and a scheduled workout calendar. It goes the same with investing. You find yourself empty handed after just a few days from payday, and just a few moments after a rush sale from your favorite store at the mall. It’s hard to start. And since you find it hard to begin, to could not get into the flow.

So how do we start? I mean, what are the ways to stop yourself from indulging to deceiving store discounts and finally begin planting a seed to grow and invest?

Number one, you should be ready and decided. There is no backing down. Once you tell yourself, “I’m going to invest now,” then do it! Stand for your word! The key is commitment. Because investing is a serious matter, and your future relies on it.

Number two, once you’ve decided and are finally ready, make it a priority. Yes, a priority. You don’t invest your leftover cash from shopping. It should work the other way around. It must be at the top of the pyramid. Allot a portion of your salary to invest first. And if there is still more left, then go, treat yourself. Come on! You can manage with less costly clothes and eat in less fancy restaurants, can’t you?

Next, is educate yourself. Once you get into the flow, be more willing to learn. Let’s admit it, investing is attached to taking risks. But having enough knowledge on how to manage your investments at least lessens the chances of incurring a loss. It does not mean it takes away the risk because there will always be a risk. But at least, in a way, managing your assets properly will give more leverage for gains. And hey, it’s fun!

Fourth, be brave. Think about the future. Be positive. I know, it’s a make or break situation. But it’s better to take the risk than be contented to a lifestyle I’m sure you want to get rid of for so long. Jump! As I’ve said, educate yourself. Then jump! Be brave! These two work together so well. When you become well-versed about investing, then jumping to risks will never be a problem any longer. Before you know it, you have become more courageous than before. Works on a lot of things in life as well, right?

And last, be resilient. Yeah, I know. You may be educated now. You have become braver. You start gaining profits. But there will be times where the risk does not pay off. But be resilient. Pick it up. Educate more. Maybe you’ve just missed out on something. Come on, man. Not just because you incurred a loss does not mean investing is a sham. It is not. It’s all part of it. And to tell you honestly, in a way, it also transforms to growth. You will grow as a person. You will grow as an investor.

Be ready. Educate. Set priorities right. Be brave. Be resilient. Let’s invest now, shall we?